COVID-19 Information

St. Louis Catholic School will take every precaution possible to protect the health of our students and adults. Heightened protocols related to cleaning and sanitization are in place. Expectations of proper hand washing, physical distancing to the extent possible, and minimal sharing of resources will be enforced. Guidance from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, IDOE, CDC, and local authorities will be employed as best fits our Catholic school community.
If you have specific questions regarding COVID-19, please contact our school nurse Lydia Gardner, RN at
COVID-19 Updates and Reminders for the 2021-2022 School Year
  • Masks
    • Masks are required for students, staff, and visitors both vaccinated and unvaccinated at this time.
    • All students who are riding the bus MUST wear a mask during transportation.
  • Contact Tracing

      • If your student should be identified as a close contact due to a positive case at school we will notify you from our office and have you pick up the student from school to begin the quarantine process.
      • If your student is identified as a close contact due to a positive case outside of school, we ask that you notify the front office with the information and we will notify teachers. This will also allow Mrs. Gardner, our school nurse, to reach back out to you to gather details and determine the quarantine time and return to school plan.

        Contact tracing is still in place. Students and staff will still be contact traced both at school and outside of school.

  • Quarantines

    Students and staff who are unvaccinated will be asked to quarantine if they are considered a close contact. Students and staff that have been vaccinated and are considered a close contact will be asked to wear a mask and monitor for symptoms for 14 days.

    • Length of Quarantines (Asymptomatic)

      While each case can be potentially different depending on the situation, our quarantines to begin with will be 14 days for unvaccinated individuals. This may change as we move forward, but with cases on the rise instead of the decline like we had when making the shift last year, we feel this will be safest.

    • Length of Quarantine (Symptomatic/Positive)

      Should a student begin showing symptoms while in quarantine and test positive please reach out to Mrs. Gardner so that we can discuss plans for return and also have record of the positive test results which will give students a three month period of "grace" from being quarantined should they be considered a close contact.


If your student is experiencing any of these symptoms, please keep them home and fill out our absence form linked below.
Symptoms of COVID 19 with graphics of each symptom
COVID-19 Guidance for Families
  • Click here for guidance when your student has been exposed to COVID-19, is considered a close contact, and needs to quarantine.
  • Click here for guidance when your student is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and needs to isolate.
  • Click here for Ripley County Health Department COVID-19 updates.
  • Click here for Indiana State Department of Health COVID-19 updates (updated frequently).
Report Absences
  • Use this form to report student absences to our nurse and front office.
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