Each week, students in grades K-8 learn to read, write, speak, and listen in Spanish. We explore cultures and traditions in Spanish-speaking countries. Junior High students have a greater focus on grammar and conversation so they feel confident entering into their Spanish classes in high school. Our goal is to create a love of language that extends well beyond the walls of our school.
All students are offered the opportunity to explore the musical arts. Every students performs at least once a year in a music program or the junior high musical.  Students learn to sing, play classroom instruments, read rhythms and note names, and develop an appreciation for the music in their lives.
Creating art increases right brain intuitive thinking and helps develop problem-solving ability in children. Art at St.Louis provides students a hands on opportunity to explore the elements and principles of design. Students will create two dimensional art using watercolors, oil pastels, charcoal, pencil, acrylic, and more. Three-dimensional art will include clay, carving ,weaving, printmaking and collage. Students will learn techniques, art vocabulary and corresponding  art history as they create their projects. Students also learn how to accept and give criticism as well as develop good  craftsmanship in their work.


Physical Education


Every student K-8 has PE class once a week. We learn teamwork, sportsmanship, the value of God in all things, and different sports/skills. Each grade learns new skills every year, but we also build upon previous ones taught the year before. This keeps the body and mind growing and wanting more physical education!