TestimonialsMrs. Hollins help two students with a project in STEM class.

When searching for the ideal educational option for your family, sometimes it’s best to let the school’s reputation speak for itself. Below you’ll find testimonials from happy parents and community members who have provided feedback about St. Louis School.

What Are SLS Parent Saying?

"St. Louis is a first-rate school with an extremely dedicated principal, faculty, and staff. Our children have not only received an excellent education in a nurturing environment, but they have been challenged to always do their best and reach their full potential. The fact that religion class, mass attendance, and special feast-day celebrations are part of the curriculum is a very important and impressive attribute as well. We truly love St. Louis School!"
"When we baptized our children in the Catholic Church, we promised to raise them in the Catholic faith. It is a challenge today. St. Louis School helps us to meet that challenge. Not only do the children learn their faith, but they also live it in every aspect of their education, whether it be in math class, at recess, playing sports, or standing in line. We have teamed up with St. Louis School to help us keep our promise to God."
"My child can attend St. Louis from preschool to 8th grade. It is wonderful that you can entrust your children to teachers and staff at St. Louis for 11 years—from age 3 thru 14. The teachers really get to know my child, and she gets to know them. The school becomes an extension of your family and a safe and secure place for your child to learn and grow."
"The other day as I was taking my daughter (a kindergartner) to school, we passed one of the local public schools. She asked why she did not go to school there rather than St. Louis. I explained to her that at the public school the teachers could not teach the kids about God and Jesus and they could not pray at school. She thought about it and said, “I bet that does not make God and Jesus very happy.” That, in a nutshell, is why we send our child to St. Louis. We want her to be exposed to our faith community and see God’s work in all areas of our lives."

Preschool Testimonials

"I have only good things to say about the St. Louis preschool program. Sending your child to school for the first time can be hard, both on the child and on the parent (especially if the child has been home with you all these years). I am happy to say, though, that from the very beginning of our experience with the preschool, I have known for certain we made the right choice for our children. They do so many interesting and fun things at school each day, and they really instill a sense of familiarity and excitement about the big school, which will be helpful when my kids move over to kindergarten. We are especially impressed with the Zoophonics program they started this year and have seen a definite increase in both of our boys’ knowledge of and interest in the alphabet. It is so wonderful seeing their joy and hearing about fun events of their day when they return home from school. I have already [recommended this preschool] several times and will continue to highly recommend it to my friends and family."

"I am so pleased with St. Louis Preschool. It has been a wonderful place to watch my child grow and learn. Not only was I new in town, but I also spent almost every waking moment of my child’s life with her. St. Louis made both my daughter and I feel welcomed and safe right from the start. There are so many great things that my daughter gets to experience, from show-and-tell, being the weather girl or line leader, or wonderful trips to the big school. Everything seems designed to build our child’s confidence at her own pace. Even drop off and pickup is designed to give special attention to your children, to give reassurance if needed or praise for a wonderful day." 

"We love St. Louis Preschool. One of my favorite things about it is the communication. We receive frequent e-mails to keep us updated on what the kids are doing, lots of pictures throughout the year, and a monthly newsletter. They learn so much, things that I would have never thought about learning. In fact, a family member, who is a retired first grade teacher from a local public school, has been very impressed. She has said on more than one occasion that our child is learning things in preschool that she taught in first grade. I also like the fact that things seem very organized and structured, yet the kids have a ton of fun." 

"I really love St. Louis Preschool. I know that my child is receiving a phenomenal preschool education. He is learning his alphabet, how to write his name, and social interaction skills. I like that he is also learning about the Catholic religion. We are so fortunate to have a Catholic preschool in our area."

"The other day, our daughter came home and said to me, “Mom, do you know Jesus lives in our hearts?” Comments like this remind me that learning about the Lord in school is a gift for our small ones, especially right now because they are so simple."