Why Choose SLS?

Students observing a butterfly that just came out of a coccoon.


We live in a time of shifting values and mixed messages. At St. Louis School, we understand the vital need to give children spiritual and intellectual guidance—to help them gain a sense of clarity about who they are and what God expects of them. From preschool to 8th grade, we’re preparing our students for high school and for future roles in family and the community by helping them build a foundation both of knowledge and of faith. In a world where children are often confused about how they fit into the big picture, we find joy in teaching our students to live for Jesus, love others, and learn.





Why choose St. Louis Catholic School? Here are ten reasons to consider us.

1. A school for all learners
    • St. Louis offers a rigorous and mission centered curriculum that inspires our students to be life-long learners. All of our grade-level programs offer a mix of traditional, hands-on, and technology/STEAM based learning.
2. We educate the whole child
    • St. Louis School prides itself on educating the whole child: spiritually, academically, psychologically, socially, and physically. We find incredible value in our Catholic faith community and provide opportunities for growth in faith formation for all of our students.

3. Continuous relationships
    • We feel blessed to have our students in our school building from Kindergarten through eighth grade. Our teachers develop strong bonds in the classroom where students feel heard, appreciated, and loved.  Even as they move into the next grade level, children continue to build relationships with these trusted adults.

4. Language and Culture
    • Beginning in Preschool, students learn to read, write, speak, and listen in Spanish. Consistent language development for ten years leaves SLS students well prepared for high school. Through a variety of immersive activities, our Spanish program creates a love of language, culture, and diversity that extends well beyond the walls of our school.
5. Weekly STEM Class
    • Students participate in weekly STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) classes. Our lab includes building materials as well as coding and robotic items. Our classroom teachers use these materials to creates hands-on experiences for students that enhance the daily curriculum and provide practical skills for future careers.
6. Students will always have a buddy
    • One of the unique programs offered by St. Louis is our Buddy Program. Younger students are matched with students from older grades and meet throughout the year to get to know each other, play, and attend church together. Our Buddy Program fosters a family culture where students are in community with children of all ages. 

7. Athletics and Extracurriculars are encouraged
    • St. Louis Catholic School encourages students to take part in a wide variety of athletics and clubs to pursue their interests outside of our daily curriculum. Students also have the opportunity to participate in sports and camps offered by the Batesville Community School Corporation.  

8. Bus Service and After Care available
    • St. Louis partners with Batesville Community Schools to provide bus transportation to our school. For working families, St. Louis offers an affordable and well-rounded After School Care program.  Students are provided with a drink and snack, a conducive environment to complete homework with access to teachers, and a wide variety of activities after homework has been completed.

9. It is Affordable!
    • With the new CHOICE Scholarship guidelines, more families and students now qualify. CHOICE comes from the money paid in from you, the taxpayer, and is allotted to each student.  In previous years a family of four needed to make less than $98,000 to qualify.  That ceiling has since been raised to make St. Louis a reality for you and your family!

10. Registration is now open for the 2023-2024 school year!
    • We would love to have you as part of the SLS family! Click here to start the registration process. Would you like a school tour or have questions? Feel free to contact our principal, Patty Mauer, at 812-934-3310 or  [email protected].