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Mission Statement


Our Mission

St. Louis School, dedicated to the teachings of Jesus Christ, combines excellence in academics with a strong Roman Catholic background, providing the foundation to develop the whole person and to challenge students to reach their potential.

Our Vision

The vision of St. Louis is to help each child reach full religious and academic potential. This vision requires giving each child a solid foundation in Catholic doctrine and heritage. Our vision will require the staff to strive to meet students’ spiritual, academic, psychological, social, and physical needs, therefore enabling them to become caring, productive members of an ever-changing world and society.

School Improvement Goals

  • All students will improve written language across the curriculum.
  • All students will improve math problem solving skills across the curriculum.
  • All students will live and learn our Catholic faith.

Our Vision

Our Vision Is
  • Lessons for a Lifetime
  • Live for Jesus
  • Love Others
  • Learn