St. Louis School Scholarships

Choice Scholarship (Voucher)

Choice Scholarships provide State funding to qualifying students that can be used to offset tuition and fees at participating schools. Students qualify based on eligibility criteria and household income. To view the income and eligibility guidelines, click here. We can also help you in the school or parish office. Choice Scholarship applications are typically available in late February and can be submitted until September 1.

Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO)

Tax credit scholarships are available to families who meet certain income requirements. Qualifying applicants are eligible for up to $2,000 off their child's tuition. To view the income requirements, please go to: or pick up an application in the school office. This program is funded by private donations to the Institute of Quality Education.

St. Louis Alumni Grant

Due to the generosity of many donors, additional financial assistance is available to families that do not qualify for Choice or SGO scholarships. Eligibility for the Alumni Grant is as easy as selecting the St. Louis Alumni Grant option under SLS Scholarship Opportunities in the annual Student Enrollment online form.

Scholarship Forms
Reminder: Include the front page of your most recent tax forms with Scholarship applications.